Thursday, 11 December 2008

Status Report

Front Entry: Nearly untouched.
Living Room: Packed
Dining Room: Packed
Kitchen: Packed
Master Bedroom: Packed
Finn's Room: Half Packed
Girls' Room: I don't want to talk about it.
Bathroom: Tonight's project.
Storage Room: I may just abandon this for the next tenant.
Laundry Mountain: Dented.


That is all.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Single mom to... Single mom

So we'll be moving soon to the house on base to be with Andrew. Then we'll all be going away for three and a half weeks, then we'll get back and have to unpack. Following that, Andrew will be being sent to Edmonton for months of training to go ON TOUR.

Then he's off to Afganistan for seven and a half months.

We'll finally have the same address and yet somehow be even further apart.

Murphey, you and your law both SUCK.

School news!

The head of the school we got Lily into (private Cathedral school, remember?) just emailed me, one of the grade 1 families will not be returning after Christmas, which opens up the spot for Rachel! WOO HOO! No two schools!

Life just got marginally easier.


I'm sick and way busy, so here are all the latest updates, in totally awesome bullet-point form:
  • We got a house on base! Four bedrooms! We take possession NEXT WEEK (Dec. 8th)!!!
  • I messed up my back and am having difficulty even lifting Finnigan or getting out of bed. Luckily, I now get to pack an entire house by myself. That should help. Not.
  • I am bird sitting my brother's fiance's parrot. His name is Eli. He is a shameless flirt, and squawks his little bird brains out unless I am patting him, and giving him kisses, and paying attention to him. He is going to go home in a few days having learned a new phrase - "SHUT UP, BIRD!"
  • The kids (all three) spent a day and a night at Gramma's house while Mommy, daddy, and uncle Bear and auntie Leslie went on a double date. It was the first time the baby had spent the night away from his momma, and he didn't even miss me. Rotten little snot head. He's lucky he's cute.
  • My husband got a craving for popcorn last night, and instead of using the popcorn maker in the cupboard, he drove 20 mins EACH WAY to the most local theater and bought movie theater popcorn for dollars on the penny. Thus, he doesn't bat an eyelash over my 11pm cravings for dim sum, candy apples, and goldfish crackers. "Indulgent" is his middle name!
  • Finnigan is obsessed with picking the smallest little bits of things up and handing them to me. The other day he decided that the freckles on my arm were one of these such things, and spent at least a half an hour trying to pinch and pick them off to give them to me. Simple things...