Monday, 1 December 2008

Single mom to... Single mom

So we'll be moving soon to the house on base to be with Andrew. Then we'll all be going away for three and a half weeks, then we'll get back and have to unpack. Following that, Andrew will be being sent to Edmonton for months of training to go ON TOUR.

Then he's off to Afganistan for seven and a half months.

We'll finally have the same address and yet somehow be even further apart.

Murphey, you and your law both SUCK.


Jeni said...

Awww as a military wife I'm sorry to hear he has to deploy so soon after you guys are moving back together!! Yay though on the new house and both girls getting into the same school!

Amanda said...

Jacob is being deployed in August. He is also in Edmonton you should have Andrew look him up on base..maybe they will be deployed at the same time...i'd say keep each other safe but i wouldn't trust jacob to keep Andrew safe...he's a bit of a doorknob:)

vanillabeaner said...

:( I'm so sorry to hear that! There is alot of support here on the base if you need it, and we have a couple of facebook groups for the wives, they are all really awesome and generally great people! I'll be thinking of you!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Congratulations for having the same address, but Im sad that you guys will be apart after that.... I really hope everything turns out great!!!!!!

Jen said...

Aw, your right that totally does SUCK! Stupid law!