Sunday, 2 March 2008

How To Be...

How To Be Lillian:
  • Walk like a baby giraffe. Fall often, though no obstacles are in your way.
  • Stick your wet finger in a light socket to achieve the appropriate hair do.
  • Talk. Incessantly. Usually with attitude.
  • Collect rocks for no apparent reason.

How To Be Rachel:

  • Seek. Destroy.
  • Look innocent at all times, and always blame your sister.
  • Do anything for anyone, anytime.
  • Wear a tiara.

How To Be Finnigan:

  • Be small and cute.
  • Pull hair, bite whenever possible. Think that this is hysterical.
  • Eat, sleep, repeat.
  • Give Mommy 51% of your heart, Sophie gets 26%, and 23% for everyone else.

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