Tuesday, 4 March 2008

"Minds of Little Children" is an Oxymoron.

When given the "choice" today, Finnigan crawled OVER his big ol' bucket of toys, and tried to eat the dustpan. He also pulled a stack of plates over instead of eating his dinner, ate the strings on my sweatshirt instead of his puffs, and used his walker as a bumper car instead of walking around in the clear spaces.

When left to their own devices today, instead of playing with the eight jillion dollars worth of toys they own, the girls played "ice hockey" using one swiffer mop, one broom, an empty container from Finn's babyfood, and the china hutch as a goal net. In complete bridal & princess regalia, might I add.

Lesson One: Children don't need toys. They only need things called "Don't Touch That".

Lesson Two: Veils are not terribly conducive to accurate "scoring".

Lesson Three: The stack of plates/puck heading towards your plate glass doored china hutch/baby wanting to eat that dustpan will ALWAYS be faster than you. Always.

BTW, the Bride won - 89 15 a trillion to 4 hundred 11-teen.


Jer said...

Have they tried the paper plate frisbie, plastic cup castles, Mommy make-up crayons, salt as sand yet? My kids will make toys out of anything too! They tend to go for the super messy ones.

Audreee said...

Everyone is buzzing about this blog. I can see why. You are genuinely funny.