Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What's that buzzing sound?

Because I'm new to they gym, I'm still under "evaluation". At this point, that means that I have to use a heart-rate monitor to see what kind of condition my ticker is in.

Today my resting heart-rate was 143bpm. During my work out it levels out at about 188bpm. For my age and fitness level, it's supposed to top out at 130bpm.

This almost gave my trainer a heart attack.


So I, of course, had to mess with him. I hopped onto the elliptical machine and told him I was going to try to break 200bpm. I got to 204bpm (talking and joking the whole time, not even breathing hard) before he made me get off and sit down.

He's submitting a requisition that the recently-recaliberated machines be tested again. Even though they seem to be reading accurately for everyone else.

I told him it must be reading my IQ instead of my heart-rate.

My new gym nickname? Hummingbird.

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Herb of Grace said...

*laughing at you*

Glad you're back. Hope you don't mind the occasional comment from a regular lurker.