Monday, 31 August 2009

From felted to fabulous!

For my birthday, I got this beautiful emerald green 100% 2 Ply Cashmere sweater. It was the softest thing I've ever felt. It was the most beautiful, deep, jewel toned colour. It was love.
It was not machine washable.

So now I have a very beautiful 100% 2 Ply Cashmere doll sweater.

Did you know that wool, especially pure wool, makes a naturally waterproof and anti-bacterial diaper cover?
Did you know that Finn wears cloth diapers?

Did you know that I know how to sew?
Thus this:

Became this (they're called "longies" - full pant diaper cover)

And, additionally, this (matching vest):

As you can see, I had a less-than-enthusiastic model.

It's about thirty degrees out, and Finn refuses to take it off. He keeps rubbing his legs and saying "Oooooh, NIIIIIIIIIICE!" I'm glad he enjoys the most luxe diaper cover this side of Angora.

Now to gather up the scraps and make something matching for Gigi, his nightime one-armed giraffe friend.


Leslie said...

Holy crap thats talent! I didnt even know you sewed. Thats amazing! WAnt to make ALL my clothes for me? I cant sew. lol

The Pooligans Mama... said...

Great job Mama!!! They look great!