Friday, 7 November 2008

Re: My last post

I know the money thing is not going to be a problem forever, I will eventually get a new job and DH and I will live together - therefor not have to support two seperate households, we'll have two incomes and half the bills... It just sucks right now. There's no real point in me getting a job right now, because we leave for Singapore in a month and we'll be there for three weeks. Sometime before then, I have to move to the island. That means I'll be packing up the entire house. By myself. Even if I were able to find a temp job in the meantime, I'd have to set up daycare all over again someplace new, and start all over again applying for daycare subsidy. By the time I was finished the paperwork, it'd be time to say goodbye.

Sigh. I'll pay my rent, and I'll call the electic company on Monday. Other than that... Who knows? I don't know. I wish I knew. I'm fresh out of ideas.

P.S. I don't qualify for welfare because Andrew actually pays child support. Too bad so sad for us.

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