Monday, 3 November 2008

I'm a mommy - I don't have time to bleed!

I was tooling around in my kitchen today, making breakfast for the baby and coffee for the mommy, and I SMASHED my elbow off of my very favorite big glass bowl. Remember the one on top of my microwave from THIS post? Yeah. Well, the girls had been foraging for goodies in the cupboard above it one morning last week, and dropped a can of lentils on it, breaking a chunk off of the edge. (*tear*) Anyway, I SMASHED my elbow off of the sharp and jagged glass edge of my very favorite - and now broken - glass bowl. It hurt, but not bad enough to slow me down. I said "OWW!" and rubbed my elbow because, as Murphy would have it, I'd caught my funny bone. Then I carried on with the eight zillion things I was doing. A few minutes later I noticed there was blood in my hand. WTH? Where did that come from? Hmmm, there's blood in both hands. And on a lot of things in my kitchen. And on the floor, and on my shirt, and all up my arm, and ooooooooooh. Right. My elbow. Apparently I had cut myself clean through to the white bits and not even noticed. Much cleanup later, I finally got a good look at my new injury. Do you know how hard it is to see one's own elbow? Difficult. Yup, deep cut. As in, if-it-were-any-longer-I'd-need-stitches-deep. Luckily, it's only about a half inch long at most.

In true mommy fashion, I had no time to slow down and tend to it though. So, before I got the bleeding under control, I had to:

  • Feed the baby.

  • Make the baby a bottle.

  • Change the baby.

  • Put the baby to bed.

  • Clean up the kitchen.

  • Clean up the blood.

Of course, we all remember that Rachel has used up every band aid in the known universe, so I had to just blot blot blot and wait to clot. Fun.

Then I took a nap. I was a little worried about the bleeding as all my bedding is cream coloured, but I have accents of crimson anyway so I figured what the heck. It'll blend.

When I woke up, I again forgot about my dang elbow! Do you realize how many things you lean your elbow on in a given day? Lots. I know so because every time I find a new one, my newly gimpified elbow reminds me.

I'd post a pic, but I do. not. bruise. Like, ever. With all that blood and elbow hurtage, you'd think I'd be black and blue, right? Notsomuch. So it just looks like a paper cut, and you'd all call me a whiner. I'm tellin' you though, it feels like a bruise.


Yesterday, I was cleaning a piece of glass from a frame I'd pulled out of my storage room. My very sweet husband let me sleep in and took Finnigan out while the girls were at school, and got my new favorite picture blown up and printed.

Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard??

I so happened to have a frame to fit it, but I didn't have anything to Windex it with, so I ended up washing it like a dish. It worked, except for the part where my hand slipped and I cut the inside of my knuckle open. It was the inside of my big knuckle on my ring finger of my right hand though. The most useless finger of all - especially for someone who doesn't usually wear jewelry. No matter. Just goes to show you how much of an accident magnet I am.

Andrew went home yesterday, so I don't even have anyone to whine to! Gah.


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I'm so sorry that happened to you! Can you please explain why the husband goes "home"? I know there must be a story there?!?