Saturday, 12 April 2008

Life, Love, Lipgloss

My daughters are prissy to the nth degree. It's frightening how much they are like me. Today they insisted on wearing their fanciest duds for an outdoor birthday party at the park. The birthday boy was turning two, and he had his shirt on backwards. Lillian wants her own manicure set for her birthday. As far as Rachel is concerned, the best insult in the world is calling someone "Mister". It's like God and my mom are in cahoots. Maybe it's my fault. I painted our kitchen table pink. Bubblegum pink. Poor Finn. He's doing his level best to balance out all the estrogen in this house, but he's only ten months old and his mother insists on buying him dolls. I think I'll enjoy my estrogen-infused universe while I can. Once it's wall-to-wall army gear again, there's no going back!

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