Monday, 29 September 2008

All aboard the Virtual Tour bus!

Welcome aboard, virtual tourists! On today's tour, we will be visiting my KITCHEN! Now, I can tell you're all excited, but please keep your arms and legs safely inside the Virtual Tour bus at all times. Be sure to stow all baggage and small children in the overhead compartments, and refrain from eating or drinking anything non-alcoholic. Pull out your sketch pads everyone, because there will be no flash photography permitted. Thank you, and enjoy your tour!

As we approach the kitchen, we get our first glimpse through the doorway. Take note of this doorway, because it will be your only means of escape should we crash or I start cooking.

To your left, you will see some counter. This corner was made famous for it's appearance in the last post, "Bread. At least I think that's what it's supposed to be." Note the lovely foliage, complete with elusive pink iPod mini, and oooh! Princess calendar!
Next up is the sink area. The sink area comes complete with hanging ramekins, decorative plates, and blue-glass cat-shaped dish soap holder:

(You will note that I am more than a little OCD about the inside of my cupboards.)

Approaching the far end of the kitchen, you will see the cat-theme continue (which I just noticed) with the kitty paper towel holder! The dishes were from tonight's dinner and bread-baking festivities because well, I'm real like that.
Ah, the Far Wall. A storage wall of sorts, with pegs for lunch kits and other kitchen-related paraphernalia. The little plaque on the end says "Ask about our free cup of coffee!" though I don't recommend doing so. The last guy who did is still in the hospital.
Rounding the corner for our return trip, we see the toaster oven! This was a gift from an ex-boyfriend, and outlasted the relationship by A LOT. It now supports various tea things, and supports my pastry/cutting boards. Fascinating. An interesting factoid is that the drawers below are the only drawers found in the entire kitchen. I mean, besides the ones we're wearing. Most of us, anyway. ;)
Up above the toaster oven is the Spice Cupboard. It's anal-retentive organization is blindingly apparent.
Beside the toaster oven is the standard oven with stove. Canisters on the back contain, in order, Tea, Sugar, and Coffee. A bread warmer hangs above, awaiting fresh rolls! (Hey Del, that teapot is full of fresh "Lacey Tea"!)

Moving on, we have come too the space between stove and fridge. This is where the microwave lives! (I know you've sensed a theme... All my appliances are on ONE SIDE. Food and cookers on one side, smaller machines and dishes on the other. Anal retentive, I told ya so.) Look, you can see the bread! The stuff that looks like poo!

Finally, we reach the refrigerator. This last stop on our virtual tour is dull, so I took the picture at an angle to spice things up. (Get it? Spice? Kitchen? LOL!)

Thank you for touring with us today! Coffee and refreshments will be served by you at your own house. If you've purchased the extended tour, please remain seated. We will be departing for the Dining Room as soon as the cheapskates who only paid for this leg of the trip get off.


Kim said...

Even your magnets are organized! I love it! Remind me to never take a picture of my refrigerator. You'd probably get nauseous because there's so many magnets thrown about (or aboot as you Canadians say.) LOL!

Anonymous said...

MMmmmm black current tea....Del