Friday, 12 June 2009

My mind: now with two tracks!

I know I have been away a long time. This is because my mouth hurt, and I would have to tell you is how much my mouth hurt, and that is very dull indeed.

The cavern has been repaired. I feel sooooooooo much better now. The only pain I have is from the wedge they had to put between my last molar and my wisdom tooth to space them out so I can actually floss in between. No more trapped stuff, hopefully no more cavities! Yay!

I have much to say now, but I need to round up more pictures, so I'll be back. I'm too busy right now enjoying being able to eat and drink things that are NOT the consistency of baby food and NOT strictly lukewarm.

And also, I have to clean this dump of a house that I ignored due to aforementioned sore mouth.

Then I will come back and show you pictures, because I like pictures on other blogs (because I am nosy that way).

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