Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Like those kids that are raised by wolves

Have you ever heard stories of kids who are like, abandoned in the woods and then a momma wolf adopts them and they're raised within the pack, and they grow up kind of ferel and wolf-like? It's like that, except instead of wolves, Finn is being raised by a pack of women. We were going out to the car yesterday, and he saw a bug. Do you know what he did? He danced around on his tippytoes, with his arms clutched dramatically to his chest, saying "Ew! Eewww! Ewww, ew eww eww ew!!!"
It was hysterical. If he wasn't so 'boyish' with his build and his haircut, face shape, and armload of toy cars, it would have been downright flamboyant. Can something be "a little bit flamboyant"? Because that was. Unless "a little bit flamboyant" is a catch 22, like Jumbo Shrimp, or New & Improved, or Honest Politics.
He also will not dig in the dirt of the garden with me, and don't even THINK about making him touch a worm (also called a bug, he says).


Schmoochiepoo said...

Flamboyant rocks! My little guy squeels like a 2 year old girl when he sees a spider. Gets it from his daddy.


Breanna said...

OMG that is too funny!