Tuesday, 29 July 2008

DING DING DING! Total time: less than two months

Less than two months. That's how long it took the powers that be to begin to re-assign me to writing training and procedural manuals once again. Why doesn't anybody listen to me? This is my NICHE. You can't stop fate.

In other news, I've been applying for government jobs. I dropped the "my husband is in the MILITARY and I just want to reunite our family" bomb in my resume/application documents. Lol. Doesn't get much more "government" than THAT! I'm applying for essentially the same job I've got now, but for double the gross income and (hopefully) a significantly better employer.

The thing that keeps me whistling while I work is the vision of one day telling my current floundering company run by asshats that I. AM. OUTTA HERE!!!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed. If I get an income-tastic job like these, I promise to buy you all pretty things. Or at least buy myself pretty things in your honour. ;)


Bridget said...

I wish you tons of luck!

Cristin said...

Good luck!!

AFRo said...

I am totally in the same boat with you. I CAN NOT wait to tell until the day that I can turn in my two week's notice! But, I have to find a job first to replace this one... Good luck and I'll pray for you if you'll pray for me.