Thursday, 10 July 2008

She's not colourblind, but I wish I was

Today, Lillian chose to wear this "ensemble" out in PUBLIC:

My pink fedora from high school.
My leopard-print chiffon scarf.
A floral-print long-sleeved, billowing cotton shirt, over top of which she wore:
A white cotton undershirt with a rip in it.
On her bottom half, she wore:
Turquoise leggings,
Pink and white plaid boxer shorts,
Knee-high socks with the word "Baby" written on the side in glitter,
Brown leather booties with felt flower applique,
- And -
A purple rhinestone belt that had to be looped around her twice to stay up.

She was feeling FABULOUS.

It hurts me, it physically hurts me.


Bridget said...

what an outfit!

Cristin said...

Didn't I wear that outfit?? In junior high... in 1985???

Kira said...

I feel like a terrible parent just for allowing her to own all those articles of clothing at any one time. ;)

Brooke McIntire said...

ok, this post is WORTHLESS without pics my dear! And I knew the 80's were coming back! ACK! I HATED the 80's fashion!

*kicks hot pink hightops and purple leggings, green scarf, leopart print flareskirt, and white button up under the couch*