Thursday, 3 July 2008

Fun at work

My Boss's Boss: Mrs. (Kira's Supervisor) who is our contact for job XYZ in Calgary?

My Boss: Uhhhh...

Me: His name is Claude XXX, I've placed his contact information on your desk and taken the liberty of entering it into your computer address book. I've also sent a copy to our shipping department, our service department, and central filing. I've kept a copy for our files, and updated our submittal coverpages.

My Boss's Boss: Holy shit.

My Boss: *Open mouthed stupor*

Me: You're welcome!

Lesson number one: I'm too good to be a bloody File Clerk.

Lesson number two: Being BEYOND good at your job can be fun when it leaves people stupified.

Lesson number three: I have too much time on my hands at work.

1 comment:

AFRo said...

Good job girl! Strive for the job you want to have, not where you've landed for the moment. Someone is going to notice eventually. If they don't they are completely incompetent and stupid.

Have a happy 4th!!!