Wednesday, 9 July 2008

ISO: Publisher!

I did it! I FINALLY wrote the childrens book that has been knocking around my brain! Plus, I was on such a roll that I wrote ANOTHER one! I am on FIY-YAH!

Now I need a publisher. And someone to tell me how to submit a manuscript.

Hey, I'm new to this. ;)

Special shout out to my BBC June 2007 mamas who let me use their babies' names for my characters! I lubs you all!


Jer said...

Now you just gotta tell us when it gets published so we can all order a copy. Gotta support those cute June babies and mama's! Plus I'll have something to show Ellianna when she gets bigger that her first crush's mom wrote. LOL.. she still goes nuts if she sees a pic of Finn on the computer.

Kira said...

Awww! So cute! Don't worry, you guys will be the FIRST to know. :)