Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Now accepting donations for:

DRYER: Because cloth diapers + laundromat + 3 kids = %$^&*#@!!!

DISHWASHER: Less dishes = More time for me to spend here entertaining you all! Not because I'm lazy, I swear.

TOILET: Because I miss the days of being able to potty at home. :( I don't know what Barbie/shampoo bottle/pair of princess panties/bowling ball went down the hole THIS time, but it's ensuring that nothing else will. (Hey Ma, is my toilet snake at your house?)

I assure you there's more, but I've gotta save SOMETHING for Santa. I've been such a good girl this year!!!


AFRo said...

I read in my Good Housekeeping this month that running a full dishwasher uses HALF the water and energy... or less... of washing the same dishes by hand.

You really want to be environmentally friendly don't you? That's why you NEED a dishwasher. *wink*wink*

Kira said...

I knew I loved you, AFRo. ;) Yes, that is OF COURSE my main reason!

Cristin said...

Cloth diapers???

That's hard core man.

Brooke McIntire said...

ummm, I'd let you borrow my toilet snake, but I think it's shoved deep into my plumbing beneath the toilet somewhere. Gotta crowbar?