Friday, 1 August 2008

EDITING - Very, VERY important

So there I was, happily tippity tappety-ing away on my keyboard at work, writing another essay instructing some poor sap on the proper procedure for filling out Stupid Form No. 84116875138. I finished up, blasted through spellcheck, and had my mouse poised above "print".

That's when it started.

The voice.

It said NO. Don't print. Something is wrong.

Very, very wrong.

I reread it. Clear, concise, and correct.



It's not right.

I must have stared at that procedure for ten straight minutes. Do you know that if you stare at a word document for long enough, it turns into one of those magic eye pictures and you see all sorts of cool things? True story.

I digress.

I stared at it. I scrolled up. I scrolled down. I viewed in different modes. I spellchecked, grammar-checked, and edited for format.

I went for coffee.

When I sat back down, there it was, clear as 12pt, black, Times New Roman on a lily-white page.
Here's what I actually wrote, with intent to distribute:
"... is a part of the lead HAND JOB." "...the lead HAND JOB requires that..." "For the lead HAND JOB to be efficent..."

Yeah, I did that.

Of course, it SHOULD (and now does) read "JOB of the LEAD HAND".

Gotta love a dirty double entendre in official procedural documentation.

I'm not as think as I smart I am.


Bridget said...

HA HA...I think you should leave it like that :)

Dawn said...

And Im the naughty one geez you are handing hand jobs out to the whole company :)

princess1128 said...

I just LOVE that you wrote that over and over again. I would love to hand something like that out at my office. I think the guys would take it literally though. Priceless....