Monday, 18 August 2008

They never. stop. talking.

Srsly. It's like Offspring Chatter Torture. OCT. It drills into your brain and all your sanity leaks out. The military could use tactics like these. I keep answering, but I must not be giving them the information they're looking for because they JUST. KEEP. TALKING.

For the record, today alone we've covered the following topics:

  • Why words are spelled the way they are.
  • The difference between a waffle and a pancake (the amount of dishes, as far as I'm concerned).
  • Why some little brothers are circumcized and some are not.
  • Why certain six-year-old neighbourhood children ought to be rounded up and sent to the zoo.
  • Why some TV shows are not for children.
  • Where fruit flies come from.
  • Why we don't leave Barbie shoes on the floor (ouch).
  • How many times one child can say "she poked me!" before the big vein in mommy's head explodes.
  • What deodorant is for.
  • Why changing into new clothes because you got a little handwashing backsplash on you is not acceptable.
  • How many utensils one child needs for spagetti.
  • Yes, Finnigan, gravity affects pizza.
  • Yes, Finnigan, your sippy cup too.
  • That you can no longer leave lids off of highlighters markers, because they will dry out and mommy no longer has access to any more free highlighters markers.
  • That lippin' off to your mama is a good way to get a whuppin'. Rachel, this means you.

Finnigan spent about a half hour today in his playpen, banging on the window and yelling "DA-DA! DA-DA! DA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" and telling me "ta, mama" whenever I had a bottle in my hand. Demanding little booger.

It's 9:33pm, and my brain is long-since fried. And they are STILL. TALKING.



Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

All I have to say is, AMEN sister!!!!!

Sorry about the job, good luck on the hunt for a new one!

Cristin said...

They're like little birds pecking away at your brain....