Friday, 1 August 2008

Rachel Says:

Rachel has started swimming lessons once again. Which is a good thing, as she tends to sink like a stone in anything deeper than, oh, dry land.

Apparently we've recently begun calling "Lifejackets" "PFD's" (Yes, I realize that has always been their 'official' name, but they're LIFEJACKETS, damnit!). Thus began this acro-licious conversation.

Rachel: Mommy, what does "P-D-F" mean?

Mommy: "Personal Flotation Device"

R: Person Floating and Mice?

M: "Personal Flotation Device"

R: Person-lllllll Floats DeLice?


R: But we can just call it a lifejacket.

M: Good idea, Rachel.

Her hearing is fine, it's the listening that's so-so at best.

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