Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rachel Says:

Grampa? Do you know the popcorn machine? You need a bowl and then you have the popcorn machine and then you pour the seeds in and put the bowl thingie and it POPS just like POP POP POP and you OH and you have to use the oil and after you put the ummm oil and the seeds in you have to get the plug and plug it into the wall thingie and then plug it into the popcorn machine so the popcorn seeds can pop until they're all turned into popcorn and just flip the whole popcorn machine over after it's already popped and it turns into a big bowl what you can eat the popcorn out of and when it's done it beeps, do you know? Can we have some popcorn?

(Yes, just like that. I don't think she even stopped to breathe.)

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