Wednesday, 22 October 2008

100 Days of WHAT???

First of all, go see AFRo, she'll explain it better than I can. Don't worry, I'll wait.
Did you go?
Good. Ok.
Basically, it's 100 days of SEX. With your SPOUSE.
I know, that was my reaction too. Wait, what? 100 days? Like, in a row? Yes. That's the idea. You commit to having sex with your partner at least once a day for 100 consecutive days. It's supposed to bring you (pardon the pun) "closer together". Something about putting your spouse higher on your priority list where they're supposed to be. You now, ABOVE loading the dishwasher and watching TV. Sex breeds intimacy, which in turn brings about all those tender warm and fuzzy feelings, and those supposedly make you actually want to spend time with that person and diffuses all kinds of tension (on so many levels).

The phenomenon of actually sleeping with your own significant other is sweeping Blogland. AFRo is doing it (no pun intended), Bad Mommy is giving it a go (again with the puns!), their readers are jumping on board (seriously now!), and they're all saying it's not as hard as it sounds (ok, that one was bad - heeheehee). Even the Big O (that would be Oprah, you pigs) did a show on it. THIS woman had to do us all (lol) one better and sleep with her husband every night for an entire year. Show off.

The Mommy has a built-in excuse. The Daddy is $100 worth of gas-and-ferry away. The Hundered Day project would quickly become the $10, 000 project. Not to mention the cost of all the alcohol that would be required... Post move I will have to be more creative in my avoidance.

But hey, the cold weather is coming right? Go on, get yours. Lower the thermostat and git yer fires lit from within.

I wonder if this will lead to a blogger baby boom?


cyberjock42 said...

I read you blog every day - does that make me an blog stalker? Anyway, in the interest of getting to know you better - why is your hubby so far away? Are you a military family??

AFRo said...

Good Lord Kira. No speaking of babies while posting these things. You'll kill the movement single-handedly. Geez.

Seriously, the "hard as it sounds" had me over here cracking up. Is that pathetic or what? It was funny though! And for the record, I don't recall ever saying that it had to be 100 CONSECUTIVE days. Did I?

Kate said...

LOL!!! A blogger baby boom!! Hilarious and I love all your (un)intended puns, haha!!

The Bad Witch said...

OH God no! Can't we just 27 Fling boogie or something like that instead???

The Bad Witch said...

Oh god no! Can't we just 27 Fling Boogie and call it a day?

Irish said...

Didn't a church in Florida recommend something like this for married couples? 30 days of sex. WOOT!

Irish said...

Didn't a church in Florida recommend something like this for married couples? 30 days of sex. WOOT!