Sunday, 5 October 2008

They're not STICKERS!!!

Rachel is obsessed with Bandaids. Ob. Sessed. To the point where I have to have a rule in my house: No blood, no bandaid. Otherwise she has a bandaid stuck to her for every bump, bruise, and bug bite. I swear to you, once a fly landed on her and she wanted a bandaid for it. She's happiest when wrapped up in bandages mummy-style.

Let's just say that after our latest actual bleeding episode (her scraped knee) I accidentally left the box of bandaids on the counter, instead of in their box-inside-another-box-inside-a-cupboard-on-the-highest-shelf-mommy-needs-a-stepstool usual spot.

There are now bandaids holding the Rachel together. There are bandaids holding Rachel's bed together. And her toybox. Her dolls all have numerous boo-boos. Her blanket has a Bandaid mosaic on it. The TV's buttons are first-aided to within an inch of their lives. The bandaids on her doorknob are three-bandaids thick.

And there is not a single unused bandaid in the house. Tonight, no doubt, will be the night I cut my finger open.

I really ought to take out stock in the company...


Jeni said...

Hey we have to have the no blood no bandaid rule here too! Although now that we moved to Guam we had to make it a little broader because of the GROSS flies!!!

Bridget said...

My friend's daughter is the same way. I remember once I was over at their house and she wanted a bandaid so bad and we kept telling her she didn't need one. I caught her trying to scratch herself!!! she was trying to make herself bleed so she could get a bandaid! crzy little kids :)

Anonymous said...

I think Ray came by her bandaid obsession a little honestly. She's very good at getting herself hurt. I still can't believe that she's been stung by more wasps in one summer then I have in my whole life. -Del