Monday, 20 October 2008


You have GOT to find a new ad campaign!!! Seriously now. Whomever pitched this current one to you is an asshole. Only someone who tongue-kisses their dog would be ok with a commercial where the disgusting sound of something without lips CHEWING for a full half-minute is the main focus.

I'll bet you're losing money, aren't you? Personally, your commercials send me into KILL mode, and it's affecting my feelings towards your company. Your current commercial, the one for Dentastix? Yeah, that one makes me want to rent a car and drive over some puppies. A LOT of puppies.

I understand the premise, really I do, but it's the accompanying sound track that's gotta go. I'm down with the simple white background and the dog enjoying his treat, but how about some nice muzak to go along with it? Or even just the half-aroused sounding guy who moans on about your product, he's fine. Just GET. RID. OF. THE. CHEWING. SOUNDS.

Don't make me go all Crazy White Girl on you.

Puppies' lives are at stake. A LOT of puppies. Fix it.

(Seriously, I'm begging you. It makes my bloodpressure skyrocket. I broke my computer mouse by throwing it at the tv because I couldn't find the remote fast enough...)


AFRo said...

Way to get all AFRo girl! You want me to write them a letter? You should do some research and start a campaign against the chewing...

Jen said...

I can tell that you are very passionate about this. very!