Sunday, 8 June 2008

All he REALLY wants is the wrapping paper anyway...

Finn's first birthday is coming up, and I am waging an internal battle with myself. Oh how I WANT to spoil him silly, but oh how I REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT to buy him a bunch of crap that I'm just going to have to pack up and ship a few short months from now. Nor do I particularly want a bunch of crap taking up floor space here when there's barely enough room to sit cross-legged as it is... Thus, the internal battle. What can I get him for his birthday that a.) is shit simple to pack up and transport; and b.) doesn't take up too much space before then - or after, since I have no idea the kind of square footage I'll be moving into on the other end. I keep telling myself that he doesn't care anyway, whatever he gets is going to fall by the wayside while he plays with eats the wrapping paper anyway!


I'm still nursing, maybe I'll just put a ribbon on my boobie and call it a day.

Maybe all his guests should just put ribbons on THEIR boobies too, then I won't have to deal with any other presents I don't have room for.

I dunno, it seems so unfair for him to not get any presents on his very first birthday just because it's too much work for mommy. Any of you want to volunteer to deal with his birthday? You plan it, you host it, you clean up... I'll bring the guest of honour and call it a day. Anyone? Please? For me?

(For those of you who are thicker than a thick bag of thick things, this post is ultimately a very thinly veiled request to NOT bring big obnoxious gifts to Finn's party. I know you love him. Donate to charity, give him a gift certificate to Babies R Us for after we move, or just show up and give him a couple squishes and tell him you love him. For my sanity. You can wrap up an empty box if you'd like, he'll like that just as much and I won't have to buy endless amounts of batteries or listen to the same three-note song repeatedly on and on forever and ever until I go insane. Moreso.)

Finnigan's First Birthday Party:
June 22, 2008
My house
11am till 2
RSVP here, in person, or by phone.
Invitations to follow, but for the most part - If we're close enough that you know where I live, you're invited.

See you there! I'll be the frazzled one who appears mainly as a blur in the background. That, or the sobbing stressball locked in the bedroom. Either way.

The Mommy


Kari-Anne said...

Love it :o) Thanks for the invite- hope he has a great party with loads of bows on titts and empty boxes .. now that sounds like a party ...

Cristin said...

We got Dottie two toys for her birthday, toys that we knew Graham would like too...we insisted that people buy her only clothes if they felt they had to show up with something...
I started drinking early so the craziness didn't get to me...

Bridget said...

Maybe someone could put their woman bump in a box and rap it up with a bow? Like the Justin Timberlake song from SNL. HAHA!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Hey duel purpose with the wrapped empty box.....use it to pack stuff in for the move. Brilliant!