Wednesday, 25 June 2008

And this week's Stupidity Award goes to...

The International Shipping department of my company!!! (For those of you "in the loop", this department is headed up by none other than Finn's bio dad. Wait, forget I said that, because then I'll end up looking stupid by ASSociation.)

We are in Canada. We regularly ship outside of Canada. Apparently, some moron with no more sense than the product he's shipping (cough, cough) decided it would be a good idea to ship product secured to and into crates affixed with Robertson Head screws. Robertson Head screws are not a standard screw outside of Canada, thus, utensils meant for manipulating said screws (IE screwdrivers) are not readily available. As in, they do not exist. So, we've got our product, which is primarily made of GLASS, safely and firmly secured in a way that cannot be undone. Additionally, you can't simply destroy the crating without destroying your shipment along with it.

I don't even want to mention this next part... But I have to. Just remember how much you all like me and that I've mentioned how I'm trying to get away from this company, ok? Please??

The company's solution to this problem... Was to simply send along the required screwdrivers to undo the non-standard screws.

Let's run some math, shall we?

Additional costs to ship screwdrivers: Call it 5 screwdrivers per delivery for recievers/install crew x $5ea for cheap-ass screwdrivers bought in bulk... x the 50 or so jobs we currently have on the go out of country... x the 2-200 deliveries per job, because these people are idiots who can't keep track of an 11'x11' blue aluminum window rack, let alone a screwdriver... I don't want to do that math anymore.

Cost of switching to worldwide-standard FLAT HEAD SCREWS? Oh, that's right! They're cheaper!!! We'd be SAVING money!!!

Explain to me again WHY I got busted down to File Clerk?

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Bad Mommy said...

Nah, I won't think you're stupid. Apparently you have to be a diptard to work at your company and do well ;) You are not a diptard, thus you are a file clerk.