Friday, 6 June 2008

LICE: Round 1a

(I couldn't put "round 2", because then you might think they'd spread. They haven't, they're just hearty bastards)

Ok, I nit picked Lily for TWO AND A HALF HOURS today. In the brightest sunshine, and then I slathered every single hair on her head with a healthy coat of vaseline (I SO don't have the stomache for more mayonnaise...) and a shower cap. Seriously, I used a bamboo skewer and went through EVERY. SINGLE. HAIR.


I've gone blind, I swear it. I'm typing by feel. (I'm just that awesome)

But as far as I can tell, the lice are gone. For today.

Would it be totally trashy to just dye her hair? Would it even work? A little peroxide can't be GOOD for the little critters...

Gotta go boil my hands, combs, and tweezers... Tomorrow is another day.

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