Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Work: Day 3

I was only marginally late today. 10-15 minutes, depending on your clock. However, I worked two hours overtime to make up for yesterday and today. Seems fair to me.

Mrs. Supervisor and I get on fabulously! She hates Miss. NastyPants Biotch as much as I do! And she invented more work for me to do that's NOT FILING!!! Ok, so it's photocopying, but still - IT'S NOT FILING!

But the BEST part of everything is, Mr. General Manager came sniffing around. Mrs. Supervisor put in a GREAT word for me! This means Mr. GM wasn't just blowing smoke up my ass, but this is an ACTUAL opportunity! Ohhh I'm such a bundle of nerves.

Keep your appendages crossed for me (Lol, Teri - you crack me all up) because I can't prove that that's not what's working for me...

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EthansMommy said...

Good luck with getting the job on the island!