Thursday, 5 June 2008

Finnigan Says:

Mommy: Finnigan, say "Ma-ma".

Finnigan: Woof.

I'm trying to remember he's just 11 months, three weeks, and one day old (but who's counting?). But seriously, woof? This lip is not gonna fly around here. Enjoy your bottle of COLD milk, you booger.


Kristin said...

Thats too funny. My son will be 11 months tomorrow (ok, technically I guess it's today) and I try to get him to say mama and he smiles and me and goes "da da" brat. i know he knows what he's doing too! oh well, he's my 3rd and my last so i don't want him talking just yet anyways!!

Cristin said...

Yeah.. Dottie say's Dada when I tell her to say Momma..'s all about Dada until you want some boob...