Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy, ooh I got one on my Laly...

Lily has LICE.


Lily has:
  • Had her hair treated with chemical lice killer gunk.
  • Been special tea tree oil shampoo'd.
  • Been nit-picked (literally!).
  • Been oiled & vinegared.
  • Been tea tree oiled.
  • Been nit-picked AGAIN.
  • Been tea tree oiled AGAIN.
  • Been mayonnaised.
  • Been sent to bed.

I felt like a chimpanzee sitting there picking bugs out of her hair. No, I didn't eat them. I was trying too hard to not hurl. Blah blah blah, lice like clean hair, I GET IT. Still nasty.

Even more nasty though? Mayonnaise. Especially great gelatinous gobs of it being slathered onto someone's head. I'm throwing up a little just reliving it.

Now off I must go, to put my house in the dryer, high heat, 30 minutes. Hopefully it doesn't shrink...

1 comment:

Bad Mommy said...

That is SO nasty. Shave her head, seriously. Ew.

Now I'M itchy....