Monday, 22 September 2008

My heart is in my shoes

Finn is ours. Kevin is going to relinquish his rights and release Finn so Andrew can adopt him.

There are no words to express how I'm feeling.

He's ours.

All ours.

No two homes, no two families, no school year here and summers there, no restrictions, no messy legalities, no more sharing the baby boy.

Praise the Lord, and thank dear sweet baby Jesus. I need to lay down.

(For those wondering, we have every intention of raising Finnigan to know he has a father AND a daddy. It would be stupid not to, both medically and psychologically. Finnigan will know of Kevin, but having Kevin in his life is not what he needs and would do more harm than good. Please respect this decision, as very few people know the whole story and those that do have all been involved in making this momentus, life-changing choice.)


Amanda said...

My mom talks the same way everytime she mentions the day JP signed me over to my dad....I too thank him for that!!! So happy for the family!!!

Dawn said...

That is so freaking awesome I am so happy for you!

And I am finally back online after 2 weeks of nothing I am back.