Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Numismatics are Lillian's newest passion. (Numismatics being the collection and study of coins, naturally.) She is obsessed with the concept of taxation, too. I'm constantly counting her coins, and trying to answer her questions as to how much tax that equates to, and how many dollars she could afford to pay the tax on (theoretical dollars, she's counting all her money as tax). This is not my area of expertise. This requires math. The only part of math I'm good at is spelling it. Her daddy could tell her. I ought to have her call him with all her questions.

She's got quite the system for coin collection, too. She spends her dollars and saves her small change. The girl needs a wallet and a purse, she's got envelopes everywhere full of nickles and dimes and pennies. She's got them all earmarked for things though. One envelope is for Nana and Granddads Christmas present, one is for the dollar store, one is for a chocolate bar...

Naturally, when Rachel finds the envelopes, they become Rachel's envelopes. Perhaps what Lily really needs is a Rachel-proof box. To put Rachel in. And then a safe for her money.

Rachel just spends every cent she has. She's got no concept of money. If something is $1.16 and she has a toonie, she'll just hand it over and leave. Lily capitalizes on this and accepts the change on her behalf. As in, Lily be "half"ing it.

Finn still just wants to eat his money.

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