Monday, 29 September 2008

Virtual Tour - the fun continues!

Dining Room: Not much to say about this! Pretty basic! Yes, that's a dishwasher in my dining room, you'll remember from our kitchen tour that there's no where else to put the damn thing, lol. So we've got that, some art, a china display cabinet, an antique desk with a chalkboard hanging above it... That's it, that's all.
Just out of camera range on the left is this little spot. The top of a bookshelf that holds the girls' art supplies. I just think the plant on the wall is cool, lol. Lily made me that pot for Mother's Day when she was in kindergarten.
(The picture is of a young Rachel in Singapore.)
The pumpkin candle holder you see is the extent of my fall decorating.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I love the 'girly' part of you!!!
I want those pink bowls!

Amanda said...

how the hell do you keep your house so freakin' clean??? i'm envious...and i don't have kids:) lol