Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bread. At least I think that's what it's supposed to be...

I found a recipe on a blog I luuuuurrve - Itty Bitty Bistro

Well, it used to be a blog. I think it's a real live website now. I digress...

I attempted to make their "Boston Brown Bread" and I'm pretty sure I failed.

Lemme show you:

I assembled my fixin's.

(And yes, I always "arrange" them like that. Honest.)

Combine dry, combine wet:

Combine dry with wet:

Put in cans for steaming, add water, cover:


Remove from pot, uncover:

Remove from cans. Please not that said removal was more than a little tricky because my can opener staunchly refused to open the wrong end of a can. It's all the can opener's fault!

See? I did it wrong. It's not bread. It's not pretty. It smells like bran muffins, which could be a good thing.

I'll make the kids eat it. Even if it does resemble poo. ;)

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Kara said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you weren't happy! :-( Boston Brown Bread, with its nice can shape, does generally have that poo-ish thing kind of going on. (I used a LOT of non-stick spray inside my cans to help the breads pop out, too!) Once you slice it into rounds, it should look fine :-)