Friday, 15 May 2009

Back from the near-dead

So the allergy madness led, of course, to the migraine madness. Or was it the fact that my husband has returned from army camping that led to the migraine madness? Either way, my head hurt. The halo's, the throwing up, the vertigo... Fun times. But double-dosing on the good pills (two kinds) and a 5 hour nap cleared that sucker right up (the next day)! I digress...

The Daddy has returned, briefly. Let's all thank the powers that be for me having someone to hold down the couch. You'd think someone who had been holed up with a bunch of other men deep in the woods, living in a tent would want to go out and partake in civilization. Oh no, not MY husband. The couch it is. Which means I have been subjected to nothing but sports and Family Guy since he got here. I don't know which I dislike more. At least with sports I can be vindictive and root for whichever team he isn't. Hehehehe. Because I am a good wife that way.

In other news, I got a notice from the girls's school the other day that they both are participating in a play. This means they need costumes. In FOUR DAYS. Freaking great. I say that drawing whiskers on them and writing "dog" and "bunny" on their respective foreheads is costume enough. Pig tails can double as floppy ears for both, no?

The baby is becoming quite the chatterbox, and also quite the cheese-a-holic. Which means I am forever hearing "Chee? Chee? Chee?" until I break down and give him a cheese string. Could be worse, could be junk food. Finn has taken it upon himself to teach The Daddy (who is a mechanic) what a car is. Everytime there is a car on tv (much fun during Nascar) on the road, driving by the house, in the parking lot, parked outside our house, Finn will point and tell Andrew "Car!" except it comes out more like "cahhh...r?" because he's not quite two. It's pretty cute, and it gives me a break from the constant begging for cheese. Solution? Download the movie "Cars" and put it on the big screen! Ohhh, it was entrancing. Two hours of silence, except for the occasional chubby little finger pointing and baby-voice "CAHH...R!" from the peanut gallery.

My house is destroyed. The kitchen is a disaster, with no clean dishes whatsoever, the living room is absolutely wall-to-wall, and the bathroom... Let's not even talk about the bathroom. It makes me want to cry. Even the little room at the front door, remember that tiny little space? Even it is in desperate need of some domestic attentions. My lawn needs to be mowed, my bed needs to have bedding put back on it, I'm not caught up on laundry, and today is a freaking HOLIDAY, which means all the kids are here. And the damn cat won't shut up. He is so dumb, he doesn't even know what he is meowing at. He wants to go outside, but he is afraid of outside. He is hungry, but forgets where his food dish lives. He is thirsty, so he waits in the bathtub for someone to have a shower, unless I place him literally IN his waterbowl. At least he is clean, and affectionate. I swear though, his mother must have dropped him on his head too many times.

OK, I think we're caught up. Nothing terribly interesting, but this isn't freaking Disneyland. I have some posts coming, but they will have to wait until I muck out my house. Ugh. I think I'll just move.

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Daggy said...

Ha ha ha, sorry, but I just get a kick out of reading your stories. They sound SO familiar! I have 3 kids of my own, one of which is just starting to talk more himself, and I can so relate to your daily life, I am just tickled pink *lmao*... keep 'em coming, I am SO glad I am not alone out here :)