Monday, 18 May 2009

Exhausted, but not hugely successful

Well, I didn't make my goal amount, but I did have a few people through. I'm exhausted. Yard sales are a surprising amount of work on an empty stomach.

We got rained out at about 2pm, but we had a decent run for less than 24 hours notice, haha.

I've rescheduled for this Saturday, it is supposed to be sunny and warm! Now to advertise and round up anything else I can think of. Next time I will be more successful, this we'll call practice. This one was just to make the money to cover the cheques I wrote. I did that at least. Next weekend is for PROFIT. ;)

Anyone wanna come babysit my kids next weekend? I really don't want to just let them fend for themselves again.

I'm so tired.

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