Monday, 18 May 2009

Plot point 'pinions please!

I am attempting my first novel. I am maybe midway through the first chapter. It is something nobody who knows me would ever think I would write, but it is coming surprisingly easily. I so want to talk about it here, but when you risk putting your ideas out in the world you risk someone else taking them and running with them. Hmmm. On the flip side, I really want to know if the basis for the book, the main idea of it, is interesting enough - if it would make random people want to read my book. I just don't know. Not to mention that I'm only midway through the first chapter, so I'M not entirely sure what my book is about. Lol.

I will tell you a very vague little bit, and you all tell me what you think, ok?

I guess the best way to describe it would be to say that it is about a man who is a vigilante serial killer (and he really does focus on a certain kind of earth-scum, though I haven't fully decided on his motivations yet). Does that make any sense? It's not going to be a shootkillmaimdestroy action novel, but darker and hopefully more though-provoking. I am kind of living vicariously through my main character, and I really want my readers to side with him, and root for him, and think of HIM (or 'them', he may have allies) as the good guy even though he's sort of a bad guy. Now that I've reduced it down to that, it kind of sounds like a boatload of other books out there. Just remember it's the details that will make it unique. ;) I don't think the focus of the book will be primarily what he does, either, but more the other characters' thoughts and actions regarding what he's done. The police, the media, general society, and the judicial system. The novel will be propelled by the idea that being bad for good reasons is still being bad - but can the impetus ever be good enough that people want to overlook the bad - or do most people seperate the motivation from the action and judge accordingly? Basically, all killers have their own motivations. But what if inherently good, normal, law-abiding people agree with it? If someone good does something bad to a bad person, what does that make them? Is a vigilante really ever any more, any better than a villian?

I don't know how else to explain it, I've probably just muddled it all up and left you all scratching your heads. At the very least, it is interesting to me, and I am enjoying writing it. Not that that will help pay the bills at all.

My main character's name is John. Discuss!


Daggy said...

I love reading (obviously, I keep stalking your blog, lol), but this one kind of sounds like the one I am reading right now by David Baldacci (The Whole Truth)... Have you read that one before? A "criminal" (which is the hero in this book) is forced into working for an underground / undercover federal agency who will deny any and all ties to him if ever discovered. By their order he fights and kills for world peace. I am not done with this book but I am already hooked. I LOVE suspension, I love rooting for the underdog!

Kira said...

Ok, I was too vague. ;) This is more of a personal vendetta for my main character, he's not working with any authorities (in fact, I can't decide if the authorities will be for or against what he's doing!). I think the book will leave off just as he takes his mission to a more national level. It's all very grassroots, very much something you or I could do if we should just choose to disregard all laws and harness the power of the google.

I shouldn't get too hung up on making it original though, lol. All books 'sound like' another book. I only have like a 1-in-10,000 chance of getting published anyway. (Really, those are realistic stats! )