Sunday, 24 May 2009

School Spring Fair!

There was a cake walk, a silent auction, bake sale, raffle, bounce house obstacle course, mini golf, a clown, a singer guy, hot dogs... Unfortunately I missed EVERYTHING because the guy who was supposed to take over the bean bag toss from me at 12:30 didn't bother to show. Neither did the guy supposed to take over from HIM at 1:30. Or the one taking over at 2:30. At 3pm I just shut the damn booth down. It was either that, or start whipping bean bags at the little brats children. Besides, I hadn't eaten yet and I had to pee! At least I only had to buy one set of tickets for my own kids. Once those were gone I just recycled from my booth. I figure if I'm stuck there, my kids should at least get to play (without me) for free. Maybe I'll get detention for it, or get sent to the principals office. I hope it's quiet there.
But it was a sunny day, and I came home with all three children I started out with. That my friends is a SUCCESS.

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