Thursday, 28 May 2009

I love it soooo much

Do you have a favorite little corner of your house where it's just so pretty it makes you smile every time you walk by? This is fast becoming one of mine:

The Dining Room, or should I say "Dining area of the Living Room" is so small, but I've been wanting a china (chinet) cabinet for storage. Then I found this one, and it was love at first sight!

I love the decorative shape of the door panels and, well, the shape of the whole thing.

I love how it holds all my collectables, and I ADORE the chicken-wire over glass in the bottom panels. It's a PITA to clean, but the things we do for beauty...

I also love the little stained flowers. You have to really look to see them, so it's not loud and obvious and in-your-face.

Working in such a small space means you have to kind of jam everything you need in one on top of the other, which is why the Ficus tree is stuck between the couch and cabinet, and then has a table in front of it (which actually works well at keeping the baby out of the dirt! I think this little nook of my house turned out pretty well! I just want to cozy up and be surrounded by my favorite things.

(By the way, when I first got this cabinet home it REEKED of cigarette smoke. Gross. That is what the Lemon Oil in my last post was for, and it worked a charm! Imagine if it had actually been the Furniture Stripper after all? All those pretty little flowers would be gone. Gone gone gone. And I'd be PISSED.)

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Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Wow, that really is beautiful!!