Saturday, 18 April 2009

Do it because it pisses people off

Your word of the day is: Niggardly


reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.

in the manner of a niggard (an excessively parsimonious, miserly, or stingy person).

Origin: 1520–30; "NIGGARD" + "-LY"

Related forms:
nig⋅gard⋅li⋅ness, noun
Synonyms:1. penurious, miserly, mean, tight, avaricious, mercenary, illiberal, close. 2. poor.
Antonyms:1. generous.

But it sounds like the word "Nigger", so even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the racial slur, people hear -er instead of -ar and make asinine assumptions about the word's etymology. Then you can point and laugh.

When I'm bored I read dictionaries online. Be cool like me.

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