Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Springtime, and all that goes with it

It is springtime at The Mommy's house. This means a few things.

  1. Clothes go out on the line! Because who doesn't love a crunchy towel when they get out of the shower? But for the 40cents it will save us on the power bill, they can all get over it. That, or learn to drip dry.
  2. Allergies. Namely, mine. I don't recall having allergies for the first 24 or so years of my life, aside from the standard pet-hair-up-your-nose type. However, since moving to this side of the country, I am apparently now allergic to EVERYTHING. My eyes are dry, my skin is dry, even my nails are all dried out. I'm itchy and sneezy and leaking from every orifice on my head... I have a killer sore throat from all the mucous, and I can feel how swollen one ear canal is. In short, I am miserable. The kids are unaffected. Of course.
  3. Baby Fever. Yes, I said it. I have the baby fever. Babies are everywhere, and I want one too! Finn is getting so big, he's learning more and more words and we're talking about potty training... I want another baby! I love being pregnant, I love newborns, I love baby things. *sniff* Hurry home, husband, Finn wants to be a big brother!

(Actually, I'm not sure that the "Finn wants" argument is the way to go, here. He's currently taking all my clean underwear out of the laundry bin and putting them over his head and down around his neck like a necklace. I really don't know what to think about that.)

Oh, and Finn learned how to say "Ray" for Rachel, and can't say any word for Lily. You can guess how well that went over. Feelings were hurt, babies were shunned. You know what though? I think I'm going to put Lily in baseball. Because when she whipped that toy car at Rachel, her aim was dead on, and she managed to leave a welt from clear across the room.

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