Monday, 27 April 2009

Those who can't do... Hire

I've been looking for a job, as you may well know. Usually I apply for jobs and hope "I hope they think I'm good enough to work for them!". Well, today I was on the other end. I can across a job ad, and it was as innocuous as the rest of them. Until you got to the last sentence:

"Please send 2 copies of your resume to doesn'tknowhowtohitprinttwice {@} job {dot} com"

Ok. I've obviously already "outgrown" your company, as I passed E-mail Attachments 101 years ago.



Print again. Or hey, fill in the 'copies' field of your 'print' menu with the number of copies you want printed! Seeeeee? I haz skillz u nede. I cud b ur cumpiny prezidint.

I didn't apply to that job. I have to have standards, even while unemployed.


Daggy said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and can't stop reading... or laughing... or relating to the every day challenges we face... Thanks for sharing yours!
I think I may add your blog to my watch list *lol*...


Kira said...

Thank you, and welcome!