Thursday, 23 April 2009

Oops, but LOL

Today was another day in a string of beautiful weather. I got home from dropping the kids of at school, put the baby down for his nap, and started in on putting laundry out on the line. The stupid (I say that lovingly, but honestly) cat decided he wanted outdoor time, and was wrapping himself around my ankles yowling his little head off. So, I hooked him up to his lead in the middle of the yard with some food and water and a shaded bed, and let him go to it. When I was done putting the laundry out, he was still happily pouncing on bugs and chewing up the grass, so I figured I'd leave him to enjoy the sunshine while I went about other chores. I kept checking on him, and he was having a grand old time. I finally sat down about a half hour later, and all of a sudden I hear "MEOW! MEEOOWW! MEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!"

I figured he'd scared himself with his own shadow or wrapped his leash around the pole or something.


He'd discovered our famous Canadian Five-minute rainstorms! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

He did NOT appreciate getting wet. The sun was shining the whole time, too. Poor little thing.

He's been skulking around inside and glaring at the windows and doors since then.

Why he couldn't figure out how to go into his little kitty condo to get out of the rain is just further proof that he's as brainless as I keep telling you. It was about two steps from where he was flattening himself out and trying to hide under a blade of grass.

(For what it's worth, those 5 minute rains are FANTASTIC for the line-dried clothes, it makes them so soft!)

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