Monday, 9 March 2009

Bah Humbug

So, The Daddy's and my wedding anniversary was March 7th. Do you think I got a nice, candelit dinner for two? No. Do you think I got flowers and chocolate? No. Do you think I even got to see the man I married? That would be no. See, the military is anti-family. They HATE marriages, and want to see them die. This is why they insist on taking husbands and fathers away from their children on important days such as these. BAH. HUMBUG.

Bah Humbug to my mom and dad, too. Do you know that we had this neat thing all worked out, wherein our anniversary is on March 7th, my parents' wedding anniversary was on the 8th, The Daddy's birthday is today - the 9th - and MY birthday (which I ALSO get to spend ALONE) is on the tenth. Well, they had to go and ruin all that by getting divorced now, didn't they? So what if they are happier and better off now, this blog is about ME. So what if it was for the better all around? I told everyone we shoulda gotten married on the 11th. I TOLD YOU SO. No seriously, my parents did what was truly best for them. But they screwed up my run! BAH. HUMBUG.

Bah Humbug to all this snow, too. Do you know that I couldn't take the girls to school today because of all this snow? Yeah. Three days in a row with them. FUN. Not. Then, as soon as the snow stopped, it cleared up and is beautiful out - clear roads and all. Of course, this is the point juuuust after I had decided it was too late to even bother with a half day. Of course. BAH HUMBUG. I'm so glad we're paying tuition so they can sit at home with me. BAH HUMBUG.

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The Kiger Family said...

Wow Kira, we have even more in common. Our anniversary was March 6 and Kris' birthday was Feb 26, so not quite as close, but he was still away from us. I'm glad you had a good dinner on your husbands birthday!