Friday, 6 March 2009


Let's get one thing straight. I am the undisputed master of the universe in matters of stain removal from fabrics. Or at least, I want to be. I'm already pretty good though. I have started a new blog:

It has no posts yet, as I just started it not three minutes ago. The plan is to deal with every kind of stain you can think of, and tell you how to get it out - for sure. None of this "try this, try that" crap. None of that "put a patch over it" crap. The stains WILL come out. I have yet to be bested by one, and I don't intend to be defeated.

There will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures.

There will be explanations.

We'll learn about Stain Composition (Woohoo, chemistry. Blah.). Know thine enemy. Knowledge is power.

Products will be named, and alternatives if available. We'll discuss how and why they worked, or didn't. We'll boycott the ones that just plain suck.

We'll get dirty. Well, something will get dirty. My kids will probably be at fault.

It will (hopefully) be both educational and entertaining. It will (hopefully) be the be-all, end-all, ulitmate and universal guide to Stain Removal.

Somehow, it will make me lots of money. (Hey, I can hope.)

Your mission is SUGGESTIONS. I'll set up a first post over there for you to leave comments on, and you can submt your suggestions there. From the simple to the obscure - I want it!

Send me your stained and your spotted, your dirty and discoloured, your blotchy and bloodied. I'll find a way to restore it. I won't give up!


Dawn said...

I have a whole box of clothes I will send your way - please send them back when the stains are all gone :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I have one. You know the grease that drips off pizza? I have a shirt that has a few drips on it, that I cannot get out.

By the way, I'm so glad you blog is back. The day I was going to delete it from my favorites (I thought you might have given up blogging) you came back with like five entries. You always put a smile on my face. Keep it up!

Pinkyleigh83 said...

Girl, you just might be my savior! I'm in!

Justi said...

Sounds cool!

Jenny said...

OK, I've got 2 good ones for you. I have a sweater that got white yogurt on it and a kids knit shirt that got dry erase marker on it. These are the only 2 stains I haven't been able to get out (I'm pretty good with stains, too:)).
Also, a product I LOVE is Holy Cow degreaser. Awesome stuff!!!
Thanks and I'm looking forward to your suggestions!!!