Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Next stop: Ontario?

We've always known that where we are living is only temporary. With the base we are on being primarily Navy, and The Daddy being Army, there is simply nothing here for him to do. Realistically, we're here only until springtime 2010. That is when The Daddy returns from Afganistan and subsequently becomes superfluous to this area. In fact, he subsequently becomes superfluous to this half of Canada. He's been asked, more than once, to accept a teaching position (within the military) at the same base in Ontario where we met. This would mean a few things for our family:
  1. He'd be teaching, and therefor working normal hours, coming home every night at the same time, not going away for extended periods, I wouldn't have to worry about him being blown up. He'd have a regular job but in green pajamas.
  2. I have lots of friends and family there. Aunts, cousins, a grandmother, Samanamanamantha, my oldest friend in the world Amanda (not that she's old, I've just known her longest. She's young. And pretty. And I think I'd be there in time for her wedding... Manda? Yes?) Ali, Jen, Erin, Tracy, and the rest of the NLP - Good times. Basically, I'd have much more of a support network there than here. Even my little bro would be a mere car ride away, at the next base over with his fiancee (by then, wife).
  3. Cheaper housing market. We could afford to buy instead of throwing our money down the pooper by renting.
  4. We could be in the same place for many many years - maybe forever. The kids could have roots and we would finally feel "settled".

Yes, I'd be moving away from my mom, dad, and other bro (and various other family that migrated to BC). That makes me sad, but when stacked up against everything we'd be gaining... Well, I feel compelled to put my family first. My family is myself, my husband, and our kids. The Daddy and I feel like this is the best decision for us despite the downsides. So, he's accepted the teaching position, and failing that falling through or them deciding they desperately need him here - that's where we'll be going.

I don't know why I bothered taking anything out of boxes.

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Amanda said...

No marriage in the works! But when it happens you know your my Maid of Honor lol. And if you move home (FINALLY!) I actually own a house with TWO spare rooms so you can stay in one and my "nieces and nephew" can stay in a seperate room from you lol!!!!