Monday, 2 March 2009

Backup! I need backup!

I didn't lose them, I temporarily misplaced them.

The girls, that is. I let them play outside, and they asked if they could go to the park. Fine, ok, that's right beside our house. Yeah, how stupid of me to not specify which park. Rookie mistake! So, dinner's on the stove, the baby is baby-gated in his room, and I'm outside in my sweat pants calling their names like I'm looking for my damn dog. Mother of the year, I am. Well, just as I'm about to load the baby in the car and tour the neighbourhood, who should come marching home? Two VERY GROUNDED little girls. Apparently they mistook the word "park" for "random stranger's house near a completely different park". They're lucky we live in a safe neighbourhood. Apparently they just saw a house with bikes and toys outside, went up and knocked on the door, and asked the woman who answered if she had any kids they could play with!!! :O And then they did!

They are so beyond grounded. We've had the "stranger danger" talks, they've heard the stories on the news about what happens to kids who wander off with strangers, they KNOW better.

I should have asked the woman who brought them home if she'd like to keep them. That or they need shock collars and one of those invisible fence things you use for dogs. Pigeons learn faster than those two.

At least they were getting along for once. It's kind of refreshing to punish them for something other than pounding the everloving shit out of each other/screaming insults at the top of their lungs.

Rachel and I had a good long snuggle the other night, with a big talk about acceptable behaviours, and how you should always be nice to your sister and respect your mama, blah blah blah. I thought I got through to her. Apparently, notsomuch. Sigh. I had the same conversation while Lily helped me make dinner. Intellectually, she completely understands. They both know how they want to be treated, and they both know that mommy doesn't - and never has - catered to the "she started it" argument, and yet something happens whenever they are together at home. At school they are so close, they play together at recess, they share their lunches, they help carry each others' stuff... But at home they are just VICIOUS to each other! I brought it up at the recent parent/teacher conference, and the teachers couldn't believe what I was saying because of how they act at school. They are the best of friends there, and the worst of enemies here. Except that occasionally here they are the best of friends too, until they're not.

Now I don't have a sister, so I've got no frame of reference. The Daddy doesn't have any sisters either (nor is he one) so we're both in the dark on this one. Is this even close to normal behaviour? What am I doing wrong? They have activities that they participate in together, and apart, they're in different grades but the same school, they have overlapping but individual circles of friends, I don't favour one over the other...

If this is 6 & 7, I don't even want to think about the teenage years. I'm going to need stronger medication. The Mommy only has so much will to live, KWIM?

Where's Dr. Phil when you need him?


The Kiger Family said...

Oh Kira, so glad to hear its not just me having 6 yr old issues. Kayleigh can push every button imaginable at home and be a perfect angel at school. We are at the point that no punishments or rewards have any effect on her behavior at home. But, it is not starting to continue at school and dance which is not a good thing. I am terrified of teenage years!!!!

Herb of Grace said...

My sister and I fought like cats and dogs-- even to the point of physical pain-- until we were... oh, I think mid-teens. We are now in our late twenties and the absolute best of friends. I think it's inevitable. I wouldn't worry too much, they'll work it out eventually.

Lindsay0708 said...

I thought I'd let you know it's normal lol I have 2 sisters and we used to beat the crap out of each other on a daily basis. I'll never forget the time my sister took her knee and rammed it into my crotch...I was bruised and sore for DAYS. I used to hold her down and make her drink water with green food coloring that I told her was 'magic potion' that would change her into a dog. But when she entered high school as a freshmen and I was a senior, I was very protective. We would hang out at school, I'd take her to the mall afterwards and as soon as we stepped in the front door at home we were at each other's throats. Who knows? But we're the best of friends now, she's actually my Maid of Honor!