Friday, 27 March 2009

Bordom - not curiosity - killed the cat

Have you even been really bored, so you go on Craigslist to tool around? And then once you've run out of sections of CL that interest you to look at, you start to look at the non-interesting categories? Have you ever clicked on the "Casual Encounters" tab?

No? Then DON'T.

Furthermore, do NOT click on any ad therein with a pic attached. Just DON'T.

I did. That is where I learned the following:

  1. Somewhere, someone has a fetish for EVERYTHING. I understand the dress-up ones, but used maxi pads? Defecation? Hemmoroids? I have been schooled.
  2. "Before Work" is the most popular time for a BJ.
  3. Some of the men in my area should be porn actors.
  4. Most of the women should not.
  5. You really can tell the fake boobs from the real ones. Huh.
  6. Pregnant women are in surprising demand.
  7. The ferry from here to the mainland is just one big orgy on water. I'll be staying in my car from now on.
  8. "Young" is mid-30's.
  9. A suspicious number of posters seem to be "just passing through".
  10. If you can host - you can have anything you want.

I'm actually a little alarmed. I go out into the town, and all these people are just walkin' around, acting all normal... Now I know that when the lights go out, the freakshow begins!

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Bad Mommy said...

LMAO. It's also amazing what men consider "large".