Monday, 16 March 2009

I can't decide if this is gross or not.

While I sort laundry for folding, I weed out anything that the kids have grown out of to give to Goodwill. We finally filled up the second garbage bag today, so it was time for a drop-off. While we were there, we toodled about the store, poking around at what other people had weeded out. Well, Rachel found lemon-yellow bedsheet for 99cents, and she gave me the big pleading eyes until I agreed to get it for her. To be fair, she's wanting to do her whole room in that colour, so I would have had to look for lemon-yellow sheets eventually anyway. But how icky is this, exactly? I mean, used bedsheets. It's just the fitted sheet, and it's in really good condition, but someone else has slept on it. Ok. I can wash it, right? We've all slept at hotels, this can't be any worse than THAT.

And well, it's her - not me.

Opinions? WWYD?


Compulsively Yours...for now said...

i would sanitize the crap out of it and let her have it. she will be fine, she is exposed to far more germs just playing with friends.

That Nora Girl said...

I agree. Did you know the covers at hotels are only washed every few months? And the sheets don't get changed between guests unless they are obviously slept in. Use hot water and color-safe bleach, run it a few cycles if that helps ease your mind, and it should be fine.

Justi said...

I would sanitize it, too! And wash it a few times...Why not?!?