Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The June. ;)

A big old fashioned shout-out to my fellow June 2007 mommas! We've built up quite the community since our BFP's, and I just want you all to know how much I value each and every one of you. (Well, not ONE of you, but we're getting to that.) I love that I have somewhere to go where everyone there understands exactly where I am coming from. You've offered up some much-appreciated advice, given me an ear to vent to, and made me feel like a valued part of a greater whole. This June Momma lubs you much. :)

That's the good. The bad news is that it has recently been brought to my attention that we have a bad seed among us. I know there has been theories bandied about of late about hypothetical posters who are lurking for the wrong reasons. Though that may or may not be true, I'm afraid that in reality, our board does have a very real troll. I recieved a comment on my own humble blog from an unidentified blogger who has quite obviously spent many hours among us. This blogger then went on to create a blog of their own, dedicated to "holding nothing back". Indeed, she doesn't seem to! Quite a few of our nearest and dearest were forever immortalized in less-than-stellar "poetry", yours truly included! (Actually, I should mention that I was immortalized "first". If my oh-so-disenchanted fan is reading, to what do I owe this honor?) The mommyblogger, who hides behind the simple pseudonom "bs" (indeed) includes an ode to our board as a whole. As you can see in my column "Get To Know My Friends!", I like to link to blogs written by all of you! However, in this instance I've made an exception. June mommas are welcome to "click me" from our board, and I will be more than happy to supply you with the link. Try to get past the poor grammar (even WITH poetic liscence, basic sentence structure and appropriate use of words is so SO important. Please, blogger, if you don't know what it means - look it up. is a wonderful resource.) and the open hostility that all but oozes from each post, and check it out.

I know my fellow BBC'ers will prevail over this troll as we have every other. We pride ourselves in being one of the most tame, easy-going boards of all! Just check out the IL board or the BH board if you don't believe me. ;) Let's not let one petty person with more time than creativity colour our friendships, commaradarie, and community.

As for "bs", maybe next time you slink back to your bridge you jump off it instead of crawling under it, k?


Sandy said...

Hey Kira!
Cute blog. You didn't put the link in your email, so I had to go searching BBC to find it, way to Looks like I'm missing out on some drama based on your latest post. Boo to the mean blogger.

Breanna said...

who was this about???